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Our German and English speaking team will respond to you in 24 hours and support you during the whole upgrade process.

Our mission:
A TYPO3 Upgrade for every outdated instance!

We strongly believe that any project can be upgraded, and we can keep any website with any complexity up-to-date. With this in mind, our main goal is to provide an easy and transparent process to upgrade your website's security and features to the newest standards.

How do we proceed with an upgrade?
Why upgrade

Why upgrade to the latest version?

TYPO3 systems have improved download speeds over the past three years, with the highest score for favourable CWV (Core Web Vitals) among six CMS platforms. Upgrades increased at a similar rate. The fast internet performance provides a better user experience, reduces bounce rates, improves conversions, yields SEO advantages, positively impacting website rankings.
Based on our experience, our clients' websites become on average 25% faster thanks to updates.

Your security, our priority

Is two-factor authentication (2FA) already working on your website? Do you have an older TYPO3 version? With the upgrade, TYPO3 CMS comes with built-in 2FA extensions. You have the option to choose the authentication combination that works best for you, giving you ultimate flexibility. If you haven't upgraded yet, we highly recommend taking action soon to ensure your website stays safe and up-to-date. There are three magic words: protection, trust, integrity.

Why choose us

Why our customers choose working with us

Our mission is to provide a cost-effective way to upgrade outdated TYPO3 instances
and improve the security and the usability of the system.


We have more than 10 years of experience with TYPO3 development.

Done in less than 2 weeks

Most of the time we finish a project in two weeks so you can enjoy your upgraded TYPO3 as soon as possible.

German speaking team

We are a reliable European company with our HQ in Budapest and our
team speaks German as well as English.


We provide a clear and transparent plan for each upgrade.

Fixed price TYPO3 Upgrades

No surprises, no changes, we'll estimate the price based on your TYPO3 version and installed extensions in 24 hours.

Agency plan

If you have multiple pages to upgrade...
... or your team needs more support
In order to find a long-term development partner
Especially when you value a good price / quality balance
Then contact us

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How much will the upgrade cost?

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A TYPO3 upgrade can optimize website speed and performance, resulting in faster loading times and smoother user experience; introduces updated and user-friendly interfaces, making it easier to navigate and manage your website's content; often includes accessibility improvements, ensuring that your website meets the latest accessibility standards and can be easily accessed by all users; provides superior security; incorporates features and functionalities that help you meet the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), ensuring the protection of personal data on your website; includes SEO enhancements, allowing you to optimize your website's visibility in search engines and improve its ranking, resulting in increased organic traffic.

We recommend upgrading to the latest version of TYPO3 (TYPO3 version 12), as it contains the most recent features, bug fixes, and security patches.

We have established three categories to help estimate the cost of TYPO3 updates based on the complexity of your website and the scope of the update. Each category corresponds to different service levels, allowing us to provide personalized and competitive pricing for our clients.

The duration of the update process depends on the complexity of your website and the extent of the changes. We strive to minimize downtime and complete the update as quickly as possible while ensuring a smooth transition. You can find information about the process here: TYPO3Upgrade.pdf

Yes, we take data security seriously. We follow best practices to ensure the safety of your data during the TYPO3 update process. We recommend performing backups before initiating any updates for an extra layer of protection.

Updating TYPO3 regularly keeps your website technologically up-to-date and provides access to the latest features and improvements. ELTS, on the other hand, focuses mainly on security patches for older versions, without incorporating new functionalities. Depending on the version of your website, it may be worth upgrading immediately, as the cost of upgrading is almost the same as ELTS, and you get a full service.

To initiate the TYPO3 upgrade process, please contact us either through our website or by phone. We will discuss your requirements, provide an estimate, and proceed with the update upon confirmation.